Making a Difference in Ukraine

Ukraine is one the first locations that Hope and Life has had ongoing involvement in. We are currently providing support in three different areas:


Safe Home: Uzgorod, Ukraine
This home is a safe haven for children that previously lived on the street and provides more than just a "roof over their head". The children who come are fed, cared for and taught that they are valuable.

Read how Hope and Life helped renovate this home so it did not need to relocate.


Dumboki Orphange: Mukachevo, Ukraine
This government run orphanage has developed a negative reputation over time for their poor facilities and understaffing. The current Director, Luba Laver, has done much to change that reputation and to provide a better environment and care for the orphans. Hope and Life has partnered the orphanage in several major projects including: replacing cribs that had lead paint, providing dental care for orphans, ongoing mentorship programs, and the recent installation of a playground.

2. Pavlovo Home: Pavlovo, Ukraine
At a certain age, orphans in Ukraine are no longer provided for by government orphanges. As they leave the orphange, they are given no support network and have little choice but live on the streets and scrape out a living any way possible. The Pavlovo Home was founded as an outreach to young women who are discharged from local orphanages. It provides a place of safety and nuture to help these girls finish school, pursue further education, or find good jobs. Read about Hope and Life's involvement in the Pavlovo Home.

Gypsy Villages
In Ukraine, Gypsies are a marginalized people group that are largely ignored by the government and looked down on by society in general. Hope and Life reaches out to several Gypsy Villages regularly and has funded several building projects and provided temporary access to free health clinics.