Making a Difference in myanmar

Hope and Life is involved in three local organizations in Myanmar.


Women's Home: Lashio, Myanmar
The rent for a Women's Home in Lashio, Myanmar (on the border of Thailand) is currently being funded by Hope and LIfe. The Women's Home rescues girls that have been sold into the sex slave trade. The director of the home, Asui finds and rescues the young girls, provides for their physical needs while teaching them new trades and how to make a new life for themselves.


Acts Orphanage
Acts Orphanage operates under the direction of Cung Cung and Tawi Tawi Thang. This newlywed couple works alongside Tawi Tawi’s father, Pastor James to provide for the needs of approximately 200 children.
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Garden of Hope
Garden of Hope is a counseling and vocational training program that reaches out to women, children, and youth involved in, or at risk of being involved in, prostitution, sexual exploitation, and/or trafficking. By offering postive mentorship and alternative livelihoods and resources for job training and personal development, Garden of Hope helps transform lives. Read about how Hope and Life supports this organization.