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Domboki OrphanagePavlovo Home, Ukraine

Hope and Life has partnered with Vasyl and Maria, directors of the Pavlovo Home, in their outreach to young women who've graduated from the state run orphanages. Typically, once these girls are too old to live at the government orphanages, they are left to fend for themselves. Without family or jobs to fall back on, these young women are left in a nearly impossible situation.

The Pavlovo Home was founded as a safe haven. Vasyl and Maria provide mentorship to the girls in their care, while helping prepare them for their futures. Hope and Life became involved in this organization after working for years in several of the state run orphanages. Since that time, Hope and Life has funded a well to provide clean drinking water to the Pavlovo Home and purchased a tractor for the maintenance of the property.

This home is a beautiful example of collaboration among beneficent organizations to bring about a significant place of hope for these young women.

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