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Garden of Hope: Myanmar

Human trafficking in Myanmar is a significant risk to young women who are expected to help their families financially. Many young women are forced into prostitution, or feel they have no choice because there are is no other way for them to make the money they need to support their families. Garden of Hope is an organization that strives to help women who have been victiims of human trafficking escape and start new lives. They do this by providing mentorship, job training, and support for their families.

Nubawi is a young woman who works alongside Garden of Hope to reach out to sexually exploited women in Myanmar. She works to find and develop relationships with these women. The purpose of her work is to enable women to see that there are other options for their lives and to help them find hope and strength in choosing new paths.

Hope and Life supports Nubawi and her work by sending money each month to help with her financial obligations. In October 2007 Nubawi visited the U.S. and traveled to many states telling of the great need that exists among the exploited women of Myanmar. Hope and Life sponsored her trip to raise awareness of her significant work and the needs associated with it.