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Who We Are
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how we started

Hope and Life is a natural outgrowth of Grace Outreach International. Teams from Grace Outreach have been visiting poor regions of the world for close to a decade and have established relationships and opportunities for cooperative service with a few select orphanages and schools.

We feel it is of vital importance to know the organizations first hand in order for there to be confidence that all funds given will truly benefit the children for whom they are meant. We put much effort into developing relationships with the directors of each of the organizations we support and are intimately aware of the needs of each organization through ongoing communication.

We have seen children’s lives changed through the generosity of people willing to give of their time, money, and skills. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of seeing a poor child break the expected course of their life and move toward a good future, you will never be the same. It's contagious.

It’s our desire to see that hope of a good future brought to as many children as possible. Thank you for helping us work towards that goal.